Mona Lisa Eliminated from Bigg Boss House

Now a days, in Bigg Boss 10 scene, Salman Khan reported that Mr. Shahrukh Khan will beauty the show and not only this, but rather four hosts of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa will likewise be here.

Furthermore, much the same as a week ago, a live survey will be directed to decide the notoriety of Bigg Bosschallengers. Salman then conversed with housemates and praised Mona Lisa for getting hitched. 

Salman then welcomed Jacqueline Fernandez ,Ganesh Hegde Farah Khan, Karan Johar,  to the stage and every one of them had a ton of fun. They all were observed to be most prominent devotees of Bigg Boss show and they examined the season in their own specific manners.

monalisa bigboss10

Salman then reported that Mona Lisa was being wiped out today yet all were upbeat since she would meet her significant other.

Salman Khan then welcomed the Ruler of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan who was there to advance his hotly anticipated up and coming motion picture called "Raees". Both looked to a great degree attractive and had a ton of fun on the stage.

Bigg Manager separated the house into two groups, comprising of Bani and Manu and Manveer and Lopamudra. Rohan was made the judge for the errand yet the genuine bend was uncovered by Salman that the housemates needed to sing while eating.

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Bigg Boss 10 Latest Eviction: Rahul Dev was evicted from the House

As we all know, Bigg Boss 10 candidates are bolted inside a house for three months thus they share a very decent holding being as one for quite a long time and days. The great or awful memory, the housemates love it forever even after the show is over. Once such bond is of Rohan Mehra, Rahul Dev and Lopamudra Raut on Bigg Boss 10 appear. As prior we EXCLUSIVELY uncovered, Rahul Dev has expelled from the show and his great excursion of Bigg Boss 10 demonstrate has arrived at an end. 

His expulsion left two candidates very irritated more than ever. Pondering who are the two challengers and what happened in the house after Rahul Dev's removal? 

Our source EXCLUSIVELY uncovered us, as Salman Khan reported Rahul Dev's name for removal, Rohan, and Lopamudra Raut were the main two candidates who were particularly disturbed and frustrated. The trio has been sharing a decent bond since day 1 and this expulsion was very stunning for them. Actually, Rahul Dev resembles a father figure for Rohan Mehra and has been strong at each minute. 

Bigg Boss 10 eviction

After Rahul Dev left the house, Rohan Mehra and Lopamudra separated into tears while normal people had an unwinding time imagining that nobody from the average citizens' group got ousted. We as a whole know Bigg Boss contenders are cut-off from the outside world, particularly from their families. For three months, just the housemates turn into their second family far from home and the passionate association is self-evident. 

Not just Lopa and Rohan, even Salman Khan was especially vexed and was stunned of Rahul Dev's expulsion. The performing artist had a very astonishing chat with Rahul before he left the house. The Sultan star was very passionate and shared that how he and Rahul have cooperated n the movies and will keep sharing the screen space later on moreover. How stunning is that! All things considered, Rahul Dev has earned his regard from the gathering of people and in addition inside the house! 

What do you need to say in regards to Rahul Dev's expulsion? Share your perspectives in the remarks area underneath. 

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Bigg Boss 10, 23rd November: Om Swami Threatens To Slap Nitibha, Lopamudra Tries To Steal Gold

Bigg Boss 10 housemates wake up to tune "Sona Kitna Sona hai" implying on the new extravagance spending assignment of the week. Bigg Boss calls Lopa in admission space to give mystery assignment. Both Lopa and Manu are given a mystery undertaking to take gold mines from the fortune box. In the event that they finish the assignment, they will be designated specifically for the captaincy undertaking. Then again, Rohan turned into the ruler of the undertaking and the housemates must be specialists. They needed to gather gold mines and handover to Rohan. In the event that Rohan effectively finishes the errand with housemates, his captaincy will be stretched out for a week.

Bigg Boss 10 Nitibha

Before long housemates begin plotting and wanting to bolster Rohan or no. On the opposite side, Manu and Lopa begin arranging about their mystery assignment. Keeping in mind the end goal to take gold, Lopa tries to move and occupy Rohan's brain however Rohan gets her and inquires as to whether she has been given mystery assignment. In a space, turn by turn housemates begins burrowing gold mines. While everybody got their turn, Nitibha was sitting tight for her turn as Om Swami was not prepared to suspend his part of the assignment. Om Swami even tells Nitbha that she ought to recollect that she named, this disturbs Nitibha. Nitibha requests that Om Swami say sorry and the two get into a revolting contention. Om Swami even undermines to slap her yet Nitibha gives it back saying that she will slap him as well. Resolved Om Swami rejects to move out of the gold mine range while doing the undertaking, which irritates Rahul Dev.

Bigg Boss 10 updates

As the day 1 undertaking arrives at end, Rohan dozes outside close to the fortune box. Later at midnight, Lopa and Manu attempt to take the gold from the container yet as Lopa achieves the case, Rohan gets her. The two get into contention and physical battle about the same.

Bigg Boss 10 latest news

All things considered, tomorrow's scene will be more emotional after Rahul and Om Swami get into a monstrous battle. Rahul at last loses his understanding and pummels Om Swami for his wrong conduct towards him. Om Swami additionally lets him know that in the event that he has guts that Rahul ought to hit him.

Bigg Boss 10, 22nd November: Sunny Leone in Bigg Boss 10 House & Rules The House, Bani’s Team Gets Nominated!

Today Bigg Boss 10 began with Sunny Leone getting a charge out of watching housemates doing their undertakings for the designations. As prior we uncovered, all the force of selections are in the hands of Sunny Leone. The housemates began battling again with their errands to make recordings. Gaurav and Bani get into the bathtub to shoot their video for the assignment while Rahul Dev turns into the chief. The trio shoots a sentimental video for the selection assignment. Bani's colleague Manveer gets into the contention with Rahul and others over their focuses.

Sunny Leone in Bigg Boss 10

Later, Lopa's group gets enthusiastically for their video shoot. Om Swami gets into the bathtub while Lopa and Mona go along with him. Om Swami abandons us parts with chuckling with his fake and over the moon talks. As a part of the video, Lopa and Mona likewise hit him. 

Later in the day, Bigg Boss presented next part of the errand. Both the groups begin conceptualizing for their recordings and this time, they were given cut-outs put in the action zone. Bani's group goes first in the action range to shoot their video took after by Lopa's group. Later Sunny Leone went into the house and declared that Lopa's group is the champ and she additionally got scents for the triumphant group. 

On Sunny Leone's ask for, housemates additionally played a fun undertaking to order Sholay scene. Amid the undertaking, Manu tended to Sunny Leone as "mera maal", which did not run well with Bani. She got annoyed of Manu utilizing such words for a young lady furthermore lashed out at him for calling her sweetheart. 

After Sunny Leone goes out, Bani, Lopa, and Nitibha hammer Om Swami for touching Sunny Leone without consent. The trio gets into contention with Om Swami.but h e shields saying that Sunny Leone had no issue with him touching. Indeed, one more day finished in Bigg Boss 10 house with fun, contentions and considerably more.

Bigg Boss 10: Guess Who Got Evicted from the House in Double Evictions

The questionable reality show Bigg Boss 10 is known for its sudden happenings and this time once more, the hopefuls would be given many amazes and stuns on weekend ka vaar scene. This time not one but rather two competitors will be removed from the show. Yes, you heard that privilege! Twofold expulsions have raged the Bigg Boss house and the producers of the show are attempting their best to flavor up the end of the week scenes. 

Housemates will witness Double Eviction and as prior we Exclusively uncovered, Karan Mehra is as of now expelled in the principal expulsion. Presently one out of Rahul Dev, Monalisa, and Lokesh will be out from the house. Any thinks about who is the second competitor removed in the Double ousting?

People who got eliminated are:

Bigg Boss 10 elimination

Bigg Boss 10 double elimination

Yes, Lopesh and Karan are evicted from the Bigg Boss House. Stay tune with us for more updates.